Monday, 9 March 2015

A Year In Pictures – 5, 6, 7 & 8 March 2014 – A Mixed Bag

Well, hello again! Sorry for the brief absence, but I will explain: a mixture of busyness, fatigue and illness has kept me from posting a photo for each of the above dates, until every day. As always, I started out with good intentions but life had other ideas. Let's dive in, though—better late than never...

Solo Bach resounds through the 15th-century interior of St Olave Hart Street
as a young cellist rehearses for a lunchtime recital.

I travel to Amsterdam for the day to attend a meeting concerning a rare lymphoma
with which regular readers of this blog will be familiar.
Seen above is a urinal in the Sheraton Hotel at Schiphol Airport: for the Dutch it is simply "water-free", while for the English speaker it is classically "anhydrous".

Felt pretty ill today with upset digestion. Very fed up about that too, as it was my daughter's birthday
and I had been looking forward to a day of celebration with her and the rest of the family.
Festivities went on around me and I was far from being the life and soul. Not quite up to an original image either so here's a photo from 201)—taken on the day of another family celebration—of Loch Fyne in Scotland.
Behind me a family wedding is in progress, making this quite the most beautiful setting of any wedding I have been to.
I have not been back to Scotland since then, but in a couple of weeks my wife and I will be in Edinburgh
for the wedding of friends, the first time we will have been together
in that most spectacular of cities for a couple of decades.

My daughter had friends over for supper today to continue her birthday celebrations.
Here she is with the focaccia I helped her to make.
It is sprinkled with fresh rosemary from our garden.

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