Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Year in Pictures – 14 March 2015 – Rugby Crowds

Several photos for you today, showing people making their way to Twickenham Stadium for this afternoon's match between England and Scotland (part of the Six Nations Tournament). Scotland were defeated, but threatened England pretty effectively at various points in the match, notably in the first half.

The Stadium, having grown like the proverbial Topsy over the years, now seats 82,000 at major matches like this one. As you see in the photos, Whitton Road, which leads from Twickenham Station directly to the Stadium, is closed to traffic when the crowds are at their height for about two hours before the match and for a similar period after the referee has blown the final whistle. Our own road is the route to the south and west stands and car travel is impossible for us at these times.

In the autumn Twickenham will be hosting the Rugby World Cup and there will be 10 matches at the Stadium between 18 September and 31 October, three of them with kickoff at 8pm. Crowds are generally more boisterous after a match, fuelled by a potent mix of hormones and alcohol—we are in for some noisy evenings.

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