Friday, 20 March 2015

A Year in Pictures – 19 March 2015 – All Hallows Twickenham (Reprise)

The picture for 31 January showed the church of All Hallows Twickenham in the context of the 1930s housing that it was built to serve. As mentioned, the church has a number of internal and external features from the redundant and demolished Wren church of All Hallows Lombard Street in the City of London.

The largest feature so transported is the church tower, whose west-facing door you see here, its Corinthian capitals and Baroque fol-de-rols having sadly gathered quite a bit of grime from the exhausts of the thousands of vehicles that race by on the A316 just yards away.

An inscription has been added above the main portico, recording the re-erection of the tower in this suburban setting in 1940. Although we may lament that the entire church no longer stands in its original setting and was supplanted by the headquarters of Barclays Bank, nevertheless the parts of it moved to Twickenham had an easier time during the Second World War than most of the other City churches, very few of which escaped altogether from the ravages of the Blitz and some of which never made it through to the New Elizabethan era at all.

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