Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Year in Pictures – 21 March 2015 – Piping Us In

We arrived safely in Edinburgh on the evening of 20 March and enjoyed a sound sleep in our very comfortable B & B just a short distance from Saturday's wedding venue. In fact, make that "venues", as the service was in one church and this was followed by drinks and assorted shortbreads in another one just up the road. Once the first church had been decorated and laid out for the evening reception, we made the short walk back there.

The piper you see above played as we entered the two churches and here he is outside the second one: Barclay Viewforth. This building is a bold and extraordinary venture into continental Gothic by its Victorian architect, its massive spire visible for miles around, while the body of the church is such a confined space that the church requires two rather vertiginously raked galleries as well as a ground floor to accommodate its worshippers.

The meal was delicious, the conversation lively and the band that played for the ensuing cèilidh full of tuneful exuberance and rhythmic drive.

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