Friday, 19 August 2011

Win some, lose some

Yesterday my son and his wife called by, having been to the exhibition called " Dirt" at the nearby Wellcome Institute. They chatted about all manner of things with my brother in our hotel while my recumbent form lobbed in the occasional contribution.

My appetite is taking a major hit and yesterday my diet was largely oatcakes, water and a couple of bananas, together with pills, of course. One indication for admission to hospital will be if I stop being able to feed and water myself.

Last night, going to bed, I decided to take an additional anti-sickness drug that has been offered to me. Cyclizine is an antihistamine and therefore acts on a different pathway from other meds on the table. It makes you drowsy, which is why I have avoided it until now, as I do not like the sense of loss of control that such drugs bring. I decided though that the time had come to succumb to its embrace and so the little white pill went down the hatch in the interests of a good night's sleep.

It paid off and I had a better rest than the night before and ate a fuller breakfast this morning. I have just seen the consultant, who has indicated to me, although the NHS promises nothing, that it is likely I will need to be admitted over the weekend. We shall see, although I am keen to stay well enough to catch a couple of Prom Concerts on TV today and tomorrow. Self- indulgent, moi?

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