Thursday, 25 August 2011

All Time High

Maybe I spoke too soon, as during the night my temperature once again rose above 38 degrees C.

By the morning however it was much nearer normal and I was able to shower quite early. That wore me out and I crawled breathlessly back to bed, where I have been for much of the day, with very poor appetite and little energy, proving poor company for my brother, who spent most of the day here.

We did manage to reminisce about the old Middlesex Hospital and I watched "Transformers" (possibly the noisiest film I have ever seen, a lot of the din consisting of American military personnel shouting "Incoming!").

Worse was to come with the temperature, which in the early afternoon spiked at 39.2 degrees. It came down to around 37.5 with the help of further antibiotic and paracetamol , but it was all rather exhausting.

Just before I started writing this it had once again risen above 38, so cue more antibiotic and paracetamol, which has now kicked in so that I am sweating profusely.

I am told the doctors may decide to put me on an even stronger antibiotic tomorrow. Let us wait and see.

I am still trusting and thanking God.

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