Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rougher seas

Yesterday afternoon and early evening proved a bit tricky because of a painful symptom, whose details I will spare you. Appetite was somewhat depleted and I had to force myself to eat a pasta meal piece by piece.

I rang the 24-hour helpline and reported what had been going on. Amazing how reassuring it can be just to talk to a sympathetic professional who has seen it all before. Things had in fact settled down by then and we were able to enjoy some Friday night telly, although I nodded off a couple of times.

After a reasonable night's sleep and a refreshing bath (during which the bum bag and pump have to be kept away from splashing water), the world once again looked a reasonable place. Although my appetite is proving harder to cajole, the lure of the hotel's excellent breakfast offerings won the day and I set out for the Ambulatory Care Unit suitably nourished.

Once again I am here, etoposide finding its way through the lengths of tubing into my weakening frame. I am at that stage of treatment where I expect to feel steadily worse, so that side effects need to be more actively managed. With that in mind I will have the treat of receiving my lunchtime ondansetron intravenously rather than by tablet. The cavalry is coming...

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