Sunday, 28 August 2011

Victory Lap

Sister Morphine slowly enfolds you in a gentle blanket of sleep for two hours but then drops you on the floor, where you lie wondering who precisely you are and quite how you got there. Two such sessions plus an unmedicated doze however saw me through the night in reasonable comfort.

While the beam end is still extraordinarily painful, I found the doctor's assurance that the affected area looks better and should improve in "leaps and bounds" over the next couple of days immensely heartening. That and his confirmation that I am no longer neutropenic (neutrophils now 1.5) and can reasonably expect to go home on Wednesday gave me a real lift, which I celebrated with a walk around the ward, my first steps outside my room in over a week. I was concerned that there is no natural light in the nurses' own stations. Another triumph for PFI.

I have indeed spent substantial portions of today out of bed, a fact not lost on my family, who made a jolly visit here today.

In spite of all these positives, I think I will still be pressing the buzzer to summon Sister M to my bedside again tonight.

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