Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sister Morphine

Things have maintained an upward trend today.

My sore throat is all but gone and my appetite continues to strengthen in spite of the challenges thrown to it by hospital catering. My digestion is settling down and I am no longer bloated.

I have received two units of red cells, the tiny soldiers (none of them below the rank of corpuscle) marching in with musical accompaniment.

My neutrophils are now at 0.5, which means that, though immunocompromised, I am no longer neutropenic.

My already shaved hair is now removable in clumps, but I say "fie!" and "pish!" to that.

The pain at my rear end is worse however, more sharp and focused. While this is some of the worst discomfort I have ever experienced, it may have an encouraging explanation. Now my neutrophils are active again, they are doing a much better job than any antibiotic in locating any locus of infection and feeling with it. The, er, location referred to has long been suspected as the the point of origin of the infection that has been causing my temperature to dip and dive over the last few weeks so the pain could simply reflect a massing of cells all doing battle down there.

The doctors have approved me for modest doses of oral morphine to quell the pain and I am now just awaiting the first dose. My first acquaintance with Sister Morphine...

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