Monday, 23 February 2015

A Year in Pictures – 23 February 2015 – The Joy of Commuting (4)

Twickenham Station has been having a makeover to welcome the hordes who will be descending on the town for the Rugby World Cup later this year. The lead-up to this has been a long and not very happy story and at one stage a group of concerned local residents dug deep into their pockets to seek judicial review (unsuccessfully) of the Council's planning decisions.

In consequence of the delays arising from the court case the full scheme (involving blocks of flats being built on a massive concrete slab over the station platforms), cannot now be implemented before the great event, but even the modest improvements possible in the available time seem to be dragging on interminably. Here is the small section of new platform tarmac that was at my feet as my train pulled in this morning. Although freshly laid, the tarmac is, as you can see, already flecked with numerous wretched, depressing blobs of chewing gum. Considering the dismal frequency of this antisocial material, it is surprising that I have never managed to see someone in the act of depositing it on any platform or pavement anywhere.

And I broke a tooth this morning...

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