Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Year in Pictures – 1 February 2015 – Beats Thinking

As much percussion as I can carry in one bag

This is the set-up I use in church most of the time now. The cajon (Spanish for "box") is a wonderfully versatile instrument and easily portable. The hole in the side allows me to clip on a small "gooseneck" microphone that snakes its little head close to the playing surface at the front of the instrument and allows the modest instrument to speak dramatically.

On the keyboard stool to the right is an assortment of shakers, their different materials providing an assortment of soft and louder sounds. The world contains a huge variety of shakers—they crop up in (I would wager) all musical cultures and I love them and the myriad ways they can provide colour and rhythm.

I have been making rhythm for as long as I can remember. It beats thinking sometimes. 

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