Monday, 12 September 2011


What is up with Nationwide Building Society? As mentioned in the last entry, I had to go into the local branch today to make a payment to my French bank account (a “SWIFT payment”), whereas I used to be able to do this online.

Today I filled out the details of the payment and the receiving bank, which are quite lengthy, on a form to print off from my own computer. I then took said form to the branch, where the cashier duplicated my work by filling out a fresh form for his supervisor to sign, while all the time a queue of dissatisfied fellow customers built up behind me as far as the entrance. Progress? I suggest not.

The round trip did at least give me some exercise, but left me exhausted for much of the rest of the day. I am sure I had more energy last week. Why?

Why too am I still itching all over? When is this blasted chemo going to worm its measly way out of my system? I know I should be grateful and in my more objective moments I am. I just wish treatment did not have to be so poisonous. One day it won’t be and that will be progress.

Thanks to all who have so far supported my friend John Penny in raising funds for WM research. There is £465 on the tab to date.

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