Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fringe Benefits

I suppose that one benefit of having to make two trips to the computer repairers today is that I am getting a reasonable quantity of exercise for the present stage of my recovery.

My computer is now back on my lap and order is restored.

Less successful was my attempt to reach a builder in Brittany that we have used before. It seems that the good man has moved house, as the message on the answerphone was not in his name at all. We may have to try and find someone else to fix a trying problem at our house. At least I now have a bit of extra time in which to perfect the following in French: “I need work on my chimney to prevent starlings getting trapped in the wood-burning stove”. I kid you not: when we took the house out of mothballs at the start of this summer, there were nine stiff avian corpses awaiting removal. Not a nice way to go.

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