Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bad Apple

As regular readers here will know, I am a fan of things Apple. I remain so, but like many loves, this one is under severe trial just at the moment.

I thought everything was fine with my laptop after I collected it from repair yesterday, but today it has thrown several wobblies and I am currently resisting the urge to throw it on the floor and stamp on it. At this point we start applying the pathetic fallacy and attributing blame to an inanimate machine. The thing about computers is that they promise gold and often deliver mud, a bit like people, so perhaps we are not altogether wide of the mark in attributing some, at least rudimentary, personality to them.

The rot started with downloading a new version of iTunes, which then consistently crashed on launch. I was going down the road anyway to pick up my daughter's bike from servicing and the fitting of new mudguards and so the laptop came on the journey as the computer repairers are just a stone's throw (or the irate hurling of a laptop) away from the bike shop. The repairers suggested a fresh install of iTunes. Once home I tried this and all was well until I plugged in my phone to sync its data. iTunes now will not load at all and has since been followed by my email programme and two other applications, one of which stores a copy of this blog.

Feels like the whole thing is folding on me again and so we will be back to the geeks tomorrow. Until then, the machine is on the naughty step.

Shame they can't fix my rash as well, which has not yet completely gone and which itches like mad on occasions, particularly when I am stressed, like, er, now...

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