Thursday, 1 September 2011


I could drone on endlessly about the joys of setting up our daughter's new computer and how even the packaging of Macs is a thing of beauty. I could even excite your schadenfreude by saying that even Macs and iPhones are not without their issues and telling you how my phone has been giving me trouble over the last few days by losing its network connection every two minutes, necessitating a hard reset today followed by fun and games restoring all my apps. Don't you hate it as well when you key in a whole load of correct information, only for a website to ask you continually to review it: loop, loop, loop until you go insane or, as my daughter and I did with Skype last night, give up swearingly?

My own computer developed an issue when I was in the hotel and I am having to log into a guest account until such time as I have enough energy to present the ailing laptop to the beanied geeks down the road.

One of the problems in hospital was that I did not have a wireless connection, meaning that I was dependent on my phone for blogging via 3G (ooooh!). This made including pictures so tricky as to be impossible and so I thought you might like to see some shots from the last couple of weeks or so. Here goes...

The Ragam Restaurant (South Indian) in Cleveland Street, where I first discovered masala dosa 21 years ago: fermented rice-flour pancakes filled with spicy potato mash and eaten with coconut chutney and hot, sour sambar (a vegetable curry). Had a couple of meals here before succumbing to chemo and hospital catering. The Ragam still has paper tablecloths, really low prices and fantastic vegetarian offerings: treat yourself!


16 August 2011: my stem cells are brought up from the vaults in UCLH.

The little pink army of stem cells marching to my rescue.

Rainbow seen from my hospital window on the 16th floor of UCLH.
A double, in fact.
The long roof in the foreground is that of The Wellcome Trust.

The driest chicken sandwich imaginable, shown at the point where I finally had to concede defeat and abandon it. In the background is a bowl of tinned fruit. Hospital food was a struggle, friends.

Rosy-fingered dawn over the City of London, 28 August 2011. This glorious sight filled me with hope.

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