Monday, 7 September 2015

A Year in Pictures – 6 September 2015 – The Golden Hour

My wife and I had tea on this beautiful Sunday with friends who live on Eel Pie Island, which stands in the middle of the Thames at Twickenham. It is a place like no other and many artists live and work here and there are a number of business related to boating. It is eclectic, funky and utterly wonderful. It was on this island that that many great British bands had their first forays—too many to mention but this was where musical revolution occurred.

The island's hotel, where these performances took place, is no more and on its site a group of houses stand, but you get the feeling as you walk around the island that this is the soil out of which amazing flowers can still bloom.

As the nights are drawing in as summer draws to an end, what photographers refer to as "the golden hour"—when the sun is low in the sky and the temperature of light turns to warmer frequencies, more blue and less yellow—comes ever earlier in the day, so I was able to get this quick snap on my phone of a tree near our friends' house before my wife and I headed home across the slender pedestrian bridge that connects the island to Twickenham town.

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