Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Year in Pictures – 10 September 2015 – Losing Face (concluded…or is it…?)

The last two posts have shown shop window mannequins in different stages of transformation into more fully human figures—deeply sinister, you will surely agree.

A friend has suggested that these figures are none other than autons, that is to say humanoid automatons animated by an extra-terrestrial gestalt intelligence. I had thought these things were the stuff of science fiction (Dr Who, to be precise), but clearly the reality is much more disturbing.

The figures shown in this image are further along in their development than those on view in the previous posts (although paradoxically they are in the form of children). There is clearly some sort of infestation taking place in the clothing retailers of the City, as this latest group are in a different shop, Next. That Next's display is in Fenchurch Street and near to the Walkie-Talkie fills me with a nameless dread, as I feel sure that building holds the key to these mysterious manifestations…

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