Monday, 21 September 2015

A Year in Pictures – 15 August to 1 September 2015 – Summer Hols (Part 2)

This next set of pictures show some of the things and scenes that presented themselves (or were pushed) before my lens is the second half of my summer holiday after my wife and I returned to England from France.

15 August
Whenever we get back from France I try to imagine I am still there by consuming drinks and foodstuffs we bring back with us. This is a bottle of beer from our local brewery in Brittany, a region where much is made of Celtic and Arthurian legend. The Lancelot brewery produces a range of beers of varying strengths – this one is strong on flavour but not especially potent in alcohol terms. It's good stuff.

17 August
In the evening I meet a friend for an Indian vegetarian meal in Hounslow West. On the way to the restaurant we dip into a grocery store where the several aisles have a meticulously arranged display of spices, seeds, nuts, grains, pulses, pickles, sauces and snacks. There is also a dazzling array of fresh produce. I need to by some fresh nutmeg.

18 August
(Not the first time the bowl has appeared in this blog – it is my favourite)

19 August
The spire of St Paul's Church, Hounslow West, where I go to sign some papers relating to an important building project.

20 August
In the course of a clearout at home my wife comes across the miniature of the Good Work Cup
I was awarded at school in 1968. Being rubbish at sport and athletics, this was the only cup I was ever awarded at my prep school. I wonder what happened ti the cup itself, which I had to surrender back to the school the following year. The headmaster died, the school is no more and the building now houses a Montessori nursery – don't suppose they have much time for tarnishing awards like this.

21 August
A beautiful sunny day and my wife and I go for a walk by the Thames at Twickenham. Looking downstream you can see Eel Pie Island on the other side and the pedestrian bridge that the island's residents maintain.

22 August
Frozen blackberries taken from the freezer and thawing out before being finding their way into a delicious crumble that my wife made.

23 August
Actually it was quite a small spider that appeared by our front door, but I have grunged up the image to accord with all the negative publicity that arachnids generally receive. Shameful really.

24 August
Small paperweight.

25 August
Boring photograph of a boring building going up opposite Twickenham Station—squeezed through various processes in a doomed attempt to make it look interesting.

26 August
I visit my mother in Portsmouth and stop in Gunwharf Quays to take a picture of this stout fellow looking out to sea.
Shame on Portsmouth Council for not having an information panel to tell us who he might be (though the effigy is, I think, a concrete replica, rather than an original wooden figurehead from a centuries-old man-of-war).

27 August
A mysterious angel emerges from the structure of a building at the corner of
Moorgate and King's Arms Yard in the City of London.

29 August
The Severn Estuary at Newnham.
31 August
Spent the whole day bullying these chaps to do my will. It was tedious and at times frustrating, but I managed to move my photo collection from one hard drive to a new, bigger, one and back it up (it should have been a wireless process, bt in the end I resorted to an Ethernet cable connection).

1 September
Detail of a plant in the herb beds at St Olave Hart Street that commemorate
William Turner, 'father of English botany' (c.1508–1568).

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