Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Year in Pictures – 23 January 2015 – Calypso in the Square

I spent the afternoon at a meeting with the Heritage Lottery Fund in Holbein Place, just off Sloane Square. Both are places named after famous former inhabitants of London: the great 16th-century artist Hans Holbein and the distinguished physician, Sir Hans Sloane, who in 1703 conducted the autopsy of that incomparable chronicler of 17th-century life, Samuel Pepys and himself lived on until 1753, his 93rd year.

On returning to the square after the meeting to get on the District Line back to Richmond, I came across the subject of today's photo. Partly because it was extremely cold and I cannot operate my camera easily without gloves and also because I did not want to keep my travelling companion waiting, the shot was hastily taken and my camera was not on the ideal settings. I have done a bit of a rescue job on the resulting image, but the musician's face is not in focus (I took several shots; this one is the best).

He was happy to be photographed and the lively rhythm of his playing brought the sun out. Good on him.

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