Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 – A Year in Pictures – 1 January

What a lazy writer I have become, the only excuse being that my health since treatment in 2011 has been good and that normal life has therefore been able to nudge, cajole and insinuate itself back into my available mental spaces. The motivation to keep writing has never gone away though and in the last year or so I have—as a two-fingered gesture to illness—been recovering my interest in photography, which was very near the top of the list of life's passions that I thought were lost to me in the initial moments after the shock of diagnosis in September 2010.

The daily round has been trying the nudging and cajoling routine with photography as well, but I have resolved not to let it, but—in the hope that assimilation will be the best form of conquest—to make photography itself an integral part of my ordinary life. Yes, I know what the proverbial paving material of the road to hell is, but I have resolved to produce at least one photograph for every day of the coming year and to post a selected daily image here. For reasons beyond my control (and that is just the foreseeable obstacles) some of the shots will not appear on the day they are taken, but I will do my best.

I hope that by the end of the year not only will the quality of what you see have improved, but that the walk through the gallery will have been an interesting and purposeful journey for us all.

Here is the first picture.

We dined with friends in Highbury, London, on New Year's Eve and stayed overnight. In the morning more friends joined us and our hosts for breakfast and afterwards we all went for a walk in the nearby streets. The goose that we had for our final meal of 2014 came from this shop. A few seconds after this was taken a young man walked into shot, which would have made it a better street photograph, but I deleted the resulting image as he did not look like he wished to be included.

Happy New Year!

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