Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Letting in Light

OK, so I a getting a bit ahead of myself with the title of this entry, but where’s the harm?

My brother and I got together today to begin working through the intricacies of the application for planning permission to put a modest window in the rather stark north wall of our Brittany bolt hole. The window will be in plain wood and measure roughly one square metre but it still requires official approval from the local mairie. Mercifully most of the form can be ignored as the questions relate to rather grander projects than ours, but we will still need to submit it in triplicate with numerous illustrations.

My brother has gone away with a copy of the official plan of the land to work out the overall area in square metres and we will get together again in a couple of days with a view to tying up loose ends and sending our documents winging over the Channel.

Other fun today has included getting a new tyre fitted to the car in the hope that it will now squeeze through its MOT tomorrow. The local Kwik Fit is right next door to my GP’s surgery, so while the mechanic was at work I ambled across to arrange a blood test in a couple of weeks’ time as well as a flu jab, for which I am eligible, marching as I do in the ranks of the immunosuppressed.

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