Monday, 3 October 2011

How I Spent Summer's End

I drove a car today for the first time since my recent treatment. The car in question has to have its MOT in a matter of days and one of the tyres has reached the end of its legal life. The vehicle is a bit ancient and it turns out that the tyre needed is an unusual size not usually stocked by Kwik Fit. They have ordered one that will be fitted the day before the MOT. Brinkmanship or what?

The third phone call in a week to my current internet provider finally yielded the MAC code I needed to migrate to a new provider. A very dismal performance by Pipex, who were a day over the limit of five days set by Ofcom for the supply of this information, but I will not be complaining (they will just never get my business again). Next week all should be up and running with BT, so I have started to organise informing my email contacts of the forthcoming change of address. Then there will be the fun of entering my new address in the various websites I am registered on, not least this one.

I also acquired a rhyming dictionary and discovered there is only one one word that rhymes with hoity-toity. Answers on a postcard, please...

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