Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How about...

I was going to tell you so much about today…

How it was a lovely mild day and I was able to go into work for the first time in over a week

How we kicked off a project to investigate under the floors at one of the churches I help administer

How we had a wonderful quiet Communion service at St Olave’s

How enthusiastic some Canadian visitors were about the wonders and the history of the building

About going through some photographs of the war-damaged church, showing the then Bishop of London preaching in ruins open to the sky

About my daughter passing her driving test and how thrilled I was

About the fact that photocopier leasing and servicing contracts are full of snares

About the kind people who have sent me messages of support and prayer

About going to University College Hospital (UCH) for a blood test

About how I should stop calling it University College Hospital (UCH) and instead call it University College London Hospital (UCLH)

About how one of my veins refused to yield blood for testing for the second time in just over a week and how I joked with the nurse that I would give it a severe talking to when I got home

About the fact that my blood counts are normal at the moment, although haemoglobin is a bit low following last week’s chemo, explaining why I am a bit out of puff

About the weird fact that part of me is looking forward to the drastic treatment ahead and about how that may not be so weird after all…

How much I enjoyed reading more of a book called Wired for God on my journeys to and from London

How much fun my wife and I had compiling a book of photos of our son’s wedding with the help of the wonderful photographer and Apple’s peerless iPhoto software and about the fact that I am not on a retainer from Apple but just love their stuff and how irritating that might be for those who do not share this enthusiasm but that I can’t really help it if they prefer Windows and how that is their loss and how much of a wind-up they might find this sentence to be…never mind, I’m just kidding (or am I?)

How our new mattress arrived today and how much I am looking forward to sleeping on it in a few minutes

About my wife’s lending me her Kindle tomorrow as I will be confined to a bed and connected to a machine named after one of The Spice Girls for four hours 

I was going to tell you all that, but tomorrow may be a bit tricky and I should get some sleep and the new mattress is just the business.

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  1. Good luck with everything and I hope the mattress proves to be the most confortable thing in the world!