Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interlude the Second

“What is this man up to?” I hear you frustrated readers cry. “And, just when it was getting interesting.” Or so I fondly like to think you think.

Patient readers, I am not playing silly bloggers, but have recently ventured deeper into the NHS than I had expected by submitting to four days in hospital. “Farther up and farther in” as CS Lewis once wrote of a rather more blissful land. Not a completely ghastly experience, to be honest, and certainly necessary to avoid the risk of putting my immune system into meltdown, but nevertheless debilitating in many aspects, as I shall recount for you when the time comes. I made numerous notes and took quite a few photos. Ladies and gentlemen, there may be even be movies.

Normal blogging service will resume shortly. In the meantime here is another picture, from 1973 this time, of the famous Frenchman who lent his face to our last interlude. Best wishes to you all.

Our famous Frenchman, not entirely well by this stage of his life. The company he is shown in, though doubtless highly toxic to countless other poor souls, has nothing to do with his illness.

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