Sunday, 12 September 2010

And so it began...

Dear Reader,

Just over a week ago I had no idea that I would in a few days be receiving life-changing information of the unpleasant type and writing a blog about it.

Returning from a week away this past July I opened a letter from my GP surgery requesting that I make an appointment with the practice pharmacist to renew my existing prescriptions for various chronic and tedious, but essentially unscary, conditions. Meeting him eventually on 25 August seemed straightforward: blood pressure normal, no repeat scrips needed just yet and so the meeting went on in its amiable way.

Near the end he suggested that I have a routine blood test as it had been four years since the last one and, after all, you can't take prostate health for granted, especially in your mid-50s. Leaving you now to conclude accurately that I am a male of the species of a certain age, I will retire to my bed in order to try and catch the sleep that has been eluding me as the week has unfolded and I have begun to learn the sobering truth about my present state of health.

Good night and there will be more from me soon, Deo volente...

Dr Jan Gosta Waldenström (1906-1996)

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