Friday, 5 June 2015

A Year in Pictures – 30 May 2015 – Garden Interlude

The photograph I posted for 25 April was of the rosemary plant in our back garden, colourful of bloom and green of spiny leaf. Not any more: it has been apparent for a while that the plant is ailing and in the early light of evening on Saturday, 30 May we found out why. There had been an invasion of little iridescent beetles—all glittering and dandified in their red, gold and green waistcoats—helping themselves to the succulent foliage.

Here is one, before it was picked off the bush by my wife and, er, dealt with. This is the best way of controlling an infestation of Rosemary Beetle, along with culling the larvae when they first appear. Pesticides are not advisable on what is, after all, a herb destined for the table.

We will have to be on the look out for further appearances of Chrysolina americana—not in fact an American insect, but native to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean sub-region— as it is partial to sage and lavender as well as to our unfortunate rosemary.

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