Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Year in Pictures – 4 April to 13 April 2015 – Time Away and The Return

I went to Brittany for a short week away with my wife and daughter in our family cottage in Brittany. It was blissful and there was just a 3G internet connection, so plenty of snapping away with the camera, but no posting of images online. This is the catch-up (should be doing a but less gadding about after the last four weekends away from home and a number of midweek evening meetings).

The cottage in Brittany used to be the base for the Anglican congregation of expats that now meets 8km up the road. This site cross hanging just outside the back door is the remaining physical evidence of the building's one-time role.

The weather, dull on our arrival, turned into six days of glorious spring sunshine. This is the back of the cottage and the shadow is from one of two cherry trees just coming into bud. The trees give the house its name: Les Cérisiers.

A short drive away from the cottage is this palaeolithic remnant, an allée couverte, once probably part of a larger structure. A drive of something over an hour will take you to the great stone alignments at Carnac near the south coast of Brittany.

A man takes in the sunshine by the waterside in the southern coastal town of Vannes.

Fine bourgeois house in Josselin, one of several towns designated Petit Cité de Caractère.

A 35-minute cycle ride along the Nantes-Brest Canal from our nearby village of Roc St André takes you to Malestroit, another Petit Cité de Caractère, where this elegant shop sign lends a further bit of charm to the town centre.

Hats on sale in the Friday market at Ploërmel.

On 11 April the sun took its hat off. This is the field next to the cottage looking moody in the early morning light.

The voyage home on 12 April. Part of the carpet pattern at my feet in the café on board MV Bretagne, the flagship of the Brittany Ferries fleet, as it made its way from St Malo to Portsmouth.

The Joy of Commuting.
Twickenham Station on Monday 13 April.

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